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Known bugs and patches

For SWASH 4.01, patches are available here (if appropriate). These fix bugs. Also, new features can be released from time to time.

To apply a patch, first, you must place the downloaded patch files (right-clicking the file, open a new window and then save it as text file) in the folder where the source code of SWASH is located, and then execute the following command:

patch -p0 < patchfile

It is important not to change or modify the patch files since they may contain tabs! If needed, use dos2unix to convert DOS to UNIX format. After applying a patch, you need to recompile the SWASH source code.

Note to Windows users

  • patch is a Unix command. Download the patch program appropriate for Windows (it is one of the GNU utilities for Win32 that are freely available).
  • However, Windows 7 (or higher) demands that patch must be run with administrative privileges. To hack this, do the following:
    1. Rename patch.exe to patsh.exe.
    2. Then create a batch file patch.bat in the same directory containing the following command:

      @patsh.exe %*

If you wish to submit a new bug report, send an e-mail to me.

bug ID description of problem and fix or new features release datepatchfile
  • changes:
    • new arrays added (dpu and dpv) for ease of programming
    • changed accordingly value assignment of bottom levels
    • changed value minimum depth in k-epsilon turbulence model
    • use double precision for time coding
    • support gfortran and Intel Fortran compilers for macOS
    • support Intel Fortran compiler 17 for MS Windows
  • bug fixes:
    • small fix lateral advection near cycling boundaries
    • small fix in log-law based wall functions
06-04-2017 4.01.A