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This Implementation Manual is a part of the total material to implement the SWASH model on your computer system. The total material consists of:

All of the material can be found on the SWASH website

On the SWASH website, general information is given about the functionalities, physics and limitations of SWASH. Moreover, the modification history of SWASH is given. Finally, information on support, links to the related websites and various free software are provided.

After downloading the material, you may choose between If you want to use the SWASH executable available on the SWASH website, please read Chapters 5 and 6 for further information.

For the purpose of implementation, you have access to the source code of SWASH and additional files, e.g. for testing SWASH. Please read the copyright in this manual and in the source code with respect to the terms of usage and distribution of SWASH. You are permitted to implement SWASH on your computer system. However, for any use of the SWASH source code in your environment, proper reference must be made to the origin of the software!

Implementation involves the following steps:
  1. Copying the source code from the SWASH website to the computer system on which you want to run SWASH.
  2. If necessary, applying patches for an upgrade of the source code due to e.g., bug fixes, new features, etc.
  3. Making a few adaptions in installation-dependent parts of the code.
  4. Compiling and linking the source code to produce an executable of SWASH.
  5. Testing of the executable SWASH.
After the last step you should have the executable SWASH ready for usage. Note that steps 3 and 4 can be done fully automatically.

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