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Welcome to the SWASH home page

SWASH is a general-purpose numerical tool for simulating unsteady, non-hydrostatic, free-surface, rotational flow and transport phenomena in coastal waters as driven by waves, tides, buoyancy and wind forces. It provides a general basis for describing wave transformations from deep water to a beach, port or harbour, complex changes to rapidly varied flows, and density driven flows in coastal seas, estuaries, lakes and rivers. For more information about SWASH, see a short overview of model features. This list reflects on the scientific relevance of the development of SWASH. To get an impression you may want to consider the examples or animations.

The current version of SWASH is 4.01. The release notes can be found here. The ongoing development of SWASH aims to improve its skills and performance and was made possible by numerous contributions from many researchers and users. By providing this open source code, we hope to encourage everyone to further improve the science and configuration of the model. Any feedback is welcome!

Download the latest stable version for Windows (size: 3.98 MB) for serial runs or the 32-bit MPI Installer for Windows (size: 2.29 MB) or 64-bit MPI Installer for Windows (size: 2.55 MB) for parallel runs.

See the User Manual for a complete description of the usage of SWASH. Yet, it has the same look and feel to SWAN, i.e. the way you need to specify the input resembles to that of SWAN. Hence, those users who are familiar with SWAN should be able to use SWASH without much effort. It is recommended to carry out some available test cases first to get acquaint with the program.

Alternatively, you may download the SWASH software. This software can be used freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see Copyright and Liability). However, for any use of the SWASH source code in your environment, proper reference must be made to the origin of the software.

Please consult the Implementation Manual for a correct installation of SWASH on your computer. SWASH is portable to the most common operating systems (Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, IRIX).

Also a list of known bugs and patches is maintained for the current SWASH version.

Important: if you want to keep inform of recent SWASH developments, updates, new bug fixes or you have some questions about the use of SWASH package, please subscribe to the available mailing lists. Alternatively, you may submit a bug or request to the Tracker.