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A quick impression will be given here of what can be done with SWASH and to get an idea of the validation performance of SWASH. A number of analytical and laboratory test cases have been selected to convey the capabilities of the model to deal with several processes such as wave propagation, dispersion, refraction, diffraction, flooding and drying, moving shoreline, hydraulic jumps, cross-shore motions of irregular breaking waves, surf beats, infragravity waves, short crestness, nearshore circulations, setups induced by breaking waves, waves against a strong current, wave growth by wind, and buoyancy driven flows.

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Standing wave in closed basin

Fifth order Stokes wave in flume Beji and Battjes experiment Berkhoff shoal Solitary wave run-up on a conical island Hydraulic jump in open river Boers 1B experiment Boers 1C experiment Petten sea defence (case 1.04: measured storm condition) Petten sea defence (case 2.51: high wave steepness) Waves and currents on a barred beach with rip channels Infragravity waves over fringing reef Short-crested waves over 2D barred basin with wave-driven circulation Monochromatic waves against a strong steady current Lock exchange test Depth-limited wave growth by wind